Is buying jewellery online any different from buying clothes online for example?

Many of us are accepting of shopping online these days. As compared to a few years ago we tend to feel that our credit details are reasonably secure when used at these online “shops”. If anything some of us may have some reservations in respect to the amount we may commit in an online purchase, buying something sight unseen from someone unseen.

Buying jewellery at any time, even from a brick and mortar jewellery store, is very much a personal shopping experience and can often fall into one of two scenarios – shopping for that something in particular piece of jewellery, something you may have seen before or something you have envisaged, or purely impulse when browsing and a piece of jewellery jumps up at yells “this is definitely you”!

So shopping for jewellery online tends to fall into those two general categories – looking for that particular jewellery piece or just browsing. In either case shopping for jewellery online can be a really enjoyable experience that can result in some great bargains being had or in a few cases end in disaster. So how do you avoid your jewellery online shopping experience from ending in disaster?

Shopping online has that “I can’t get my goods as I hand over my money, and I can’t walk into the store and ask for my money back” risk factors, undeniable – however the lure of big savings coupled with the fact that most traders in the first 50 or so search results online are in it for the long haul tends to overcome these niggling concerns.

So if you put those niggling doubts out of your mind then buying jewellery online should be that enjoyable experience you were looking for. A couple of do’s and don’ts will see you smiling and happy when you receive that wonderful piece of jewellery that you bought online.

It is generally a good idea to stick within the first 50 or so results for the category you searched – it is unlikely you will find the better more reputable jewellery online stores outside of that range. When going to a site check out a few pages in different sections to get a feel for the trader. If you have done a search for Earrings then you may be taken directly to the Earrings section of a site – good practice can be NOT to surf through that section first but actually go to the menu and check out a few other sections to get a feel for the site overall, THEN go back to the Earrings section if the feel of the site is good for you.

Even if you don’t get that good vibe about the site spend some time in checking out the range and pricing so you can use it for comparison at other sites. Let’s use Earrings as an example again – your search was Silver Earrings and the site you are on has Silver Earrings and also Sterling Silver Earrings sections, so check both of them out. Take note of the stated size of the earrings and other details, e.g. they are 18mm long, include Turquoise Gemstones, are Sterling Silver and weigh 4.6gms (some sites will state the weight which can be a good guide to value for gold and sterling silver jewellery) and add any other notes you like. Now when you visit another site and see a similar pair of earrings, albeit it is very unlikely you will see the exact same pair, you can make some sort of comparison in respect to value. Example, the second pair you see are 25mm long, a bit wider, the Turquoise gemstone appears larger by proportion and the weight is 5.4gms, so for all intent and purposes a more slightly valuable earring however … 1. It is nearly twice the price = alarm bells or, 2. It is about the same price or slightly cheaper than the first pair = Bargain! Of course this is only a rough guide but you do need some sort of system if you are truly looking for a bargain so that “impulse” buying mode doesn’t take over. It is OK of course to have that impulse when buying jewellery whether online or elsewhere, after all jewellery is a “Wow”! type of purchase at the best of times, however knowing whether it is a bargain or not will help to press that buy now button.

Beware though the bargain that is too good to be true – are those earrings really Sterling Silver or 14ct Gold? For THAT price? Sometimes too cheap can be a reason for alarm bells – check out the site a bit further – is all their product in that price range or is this on special or a pricing blunder (pounce!) – does the site engender quality and professionalism to you, does it give you confidence? If so then you may have found a real bargain, if not then bite the bullet and pass it up and go to another site – there is plenty of jewellery online out there.

About the Author: Mike OShannessy is an experienced writer for many jewellery online sites