Finding That Special Piece of Jewellery Online

This article at Jewellery discusses finding that special piece of jewellery online, offering tips for better online jewellery shopping for the benefit of our visitors.

Shopping for Jewellery Online

Most have people have heard the saying "like trying to find a needle in a haystack' - well it could apply to trying to find that secial piece of jewellery online, you know, the piece that hits you and says I belong with you.

Shopping for jewellery at the best of times can be a frustrating experience, going from shop to shop, looking at display case after display case of all types of beautiful jewellery but not quite the standout piece you want.

Shopping for jewellery online offers its own set of challenges. Yes you have the advantage of being at home in comfortable shoes and no crowds to bustle you but there are infinitely more stores and infinitely more pieces of jewellery online to search. Whilst in can also be fun, browsing different online jewellery sites it generally starts to become a chore after a while and your enthusiasm to find that elusive stunning necklace or pendant or bracelet begins to wane.

Some tips to help you get there quicker can be;

  1. Try long search terms - instead of silver bracelet for example type in 'silver bracelet heavy link chain with diamante charms' if that is closer to what you are looking for than just 'silver bracelet' - or instead of searching for 'jewellery online' you might try 'sterling silver jewellery online under $100' if you want sterling silver and are on a budget or looking for a bargain. Sometimes the longer and more detailed the search term the sooner you will narrow down the options to something closer to what you are looking for. This is of course subject to the store selling that particular jewellery online having entered a good descrition of the item. However it is certainly worth a try.
  2. Try online jewellery blogs in addition to or in lieu of regular search pages, i.e. regular online jewellery stores. Often case bloggers offering jewellery online under that search category will be artisans who make unique items of jewellery. This type of search can often reveal beautiful pieces, pendants, earrings and rings in particular that you will certainly not find in regular stores. Many of the blog site owners are in fact jewellery designers that offer the same hand made designer items, that are found in up market stores and galleries, for sale online and generally at good prices. Buying one of these designer pices of jewellery online pretty much ensures you have a on-off, unique item. Blogs can often also network to online jewellery websites for specials and so on.
  3. Try Images search - in search for jewellery online in iamges search, which is in the toolbar at the top of the search page as an option, you will be presented with a large number of images of jewellery items highlighted by Google that are selected from a broad spectrum of online jewellery sites. This often can show up an item that is similar to what you are looking for which could be an indicator that the site to whicjh the image belongs may indeed have that special jewellery piece for you. Clicking on the image brings up an option that allows you to go to that particular jewellery online website.

The key really is to be diverse in your searching methods - keep typing in different keywords and longer search terms and try different search pages like blogs and images - mix it up a little so that during a session online searching for your special jewellery item will be far less boring and more productive.

Hope this helps - enjoy your search dfor that elusive special item and your online jewellery shopping.

about the author: Mike OShannessy is an experinced jewellery writer for a number of online jewellery websites

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